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"If we refuse to reduce our numbers ourselves nature will find much less pleasant ways to control human population: malnourishment, starvation, disease, stress and violence." The choice is simple, says Pimentel-total reproductive freedom now, or freedom from suffering in the not-so-distant future.".

--David Pimentel, PhD, Professor of Entomology and Agricultural Sciences/
Cornell University Alumni News: Way Too Many For Us (6/1994)

The Number of People on Earth Is Now...

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Considering the Childfree Life?

  • Suite 101: Childfree Marriages

  • Common Reasons People Have Children (And A Few Thoughts)
    From ChildfreeByChoice.Com

  • Childfree Happiness Is...
    From ChildfreeByChoice.Com

  • The Impact Of Having Children On Marital Satisfaction

  • A Not So Popular Truth: Raising An Intense Child And Losing Oneself In Parenting
    "I still have interests outside of parenting, they are just atrophied... like a leg in a cast they are under exercised and in stasis. Some days I feel I have lost myself, like I am treading water. I said that having children defined me, and it did and does. It has changed who I am and made me mother, not just wife and not just Schai. But some days it feels like 90% mother, 8% wife and 2% Schai."

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  • The Shame of Not Wanting Children

  • The Shrinking Earth

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  • Birth Control

  • Ann Rose's Ultimate Birth Control Links

  • Childfree Men Talk About Vasectomy

  • ChildfreeByChoice.com: Interesting Videos
    Watch online videos about various forms of birth control and more.

  • Deciding About Tubal Sterilization

  • Emergency Contraception

  • Engender Health: Permanent Contraception

  • Essure: Permanent Birth Control

  • Go Forth and Multiply: Abortion in Films

  • Her Own Woman

  • How to Stay Childfree

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  • Planned Parenthood

  • Planned Parenthood-Comparison of Birth Control Effectiveness

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  • Tubal Ligation Procedures Denied To Young Women Who Don’t Want Children

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  • Vasectomy.com

  • Vasectomy Information

  • This humorous and frank blog with anecdotes and advice about how best to live an eco lifestyle eco lifestyle will have you feeling inspired to do more to help preserve our precious planet and its resources.

  • Palm OS PDA Menstruation/ Ovulation Trackers: pPatrol, Woman Calendar, La Femme, and My Cycle.

  • Childfree Friendly Dining

  • Happily Childfree's List of CF Friendly Restaurants

  • Justinlees Inn
    Esbank Toll, Dalkeith
    Midlothian, Scotland

    No children after 10pm.

  • Mode's Bum Steer
    125 E State St.
    Traverse City, MI

    Restaurant has a sign that says "No kids under 8 years of age after 5pm".

  • Ta Tu Bar and Restaurant
    Belfast Northern Ireland

    No children after 7pm.

  • Well Sports Tavern & Grill
    Coon Rapids, MN

    No children after 9pm.

  • Childfree Travel

  • About.Com: Childfree Getaways

  • Adults Only Caravan Park UK

  • Aunt Bea's Bed and Breakfast Regina, Saskatchewan

  • Caprice Bed and Breakfast Sunshine Coast, BC

  • Caprice Heights Bed and Breakfast Salt Spring Island, BC

  • Cherry Lodge - Bed and Breakfast Ontario, Canada

  • Childfree Travel.Net

  • ClubMed

  • Cedar Springs Bed and Breakfast Canmore, Alberta

  • Desert Gem Bed and Breakfast Ashcroft, B.C

  • Elliot House - Bed and Breakfast Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

  • Glencairn Cottage Bed and Breakfast Glencairn, Ontario

  • The House on McGill Bed and Breakfast Toronto, Canada

  • Idyllwood West - Bed and Breakfast Oyama, B.C.

  • Le Couvent Roujan, France

  • Little Moose Mountain Bed and Breakfast Alberta, Canada

  • Lookout Bed and Breakfast Gibsons, BC.

  • Marina House Bed and Breakfast Gibsons, BC.

  • Matamanoa Island Resort Matamanoa Island, Fiji

    No children under 12

  • NightSkies Victoria Bed & Breakfast Victoria, BC

  • On the Bay Bed and Breakfast Ontario, Canada

  • 100 Mile Lodge Bed and Breakfast 100 Mile House, BC

  • The Otter's Raft - Bed and Breakfast Pender Harbour, BC

  • Pacific Shores Bed and Breakfast BC, Canada.

  • Renaissance Cruises

  • SeaGarden Bed and Breakfast Gibsons, BC.

  • Simple Escapes Bed and Breakfast Halfmoon Bay, BC

  • Sybaris

  • Tarry-a-While Bed and Breakfast Banff, Alberta
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  • Childfree Holidays & Events

    Have a Childfree Holiday!

  • Moggy Mania: Happy (Not Mother's) Day

  • Old Spice With a Vengeance: On Not Celebrating Father's Day

  • Planning a Childfree Wedding

  • Some Celebrate Holiday Traditions With Singular Style

  • Suite 101: Childfree Holidays

  • World Childfree Day!
    The first Sunday in June!


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