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"If we refuse to reduce our numbers ourselves nature will find much less pleasant ways to control human population: malnourishment, starvation, disease, stress and violence." The choice is simple, says Pimentel-total reproductive freedom now, or freedom from suffering in the not-so-distant future.".

--David Pimentel, PhD, Professor of Entomology and Agricultural Sciences/
Cornell University Alumni News: Way Too Many For Us (6/1994)

The Number of People on Earth Is Now...

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Considering the Childfree Life?

  • Suite 101: Childfree Marriages

  • Common Reasons People Have Children (And A Few Thoughts)
    From ChildfreeByChoice.Com

  • Childfree Happiness Is...
    From ChildfreeByChoice.Com

  • The Impact Of Having Children On Marital Satisfaction

  • A Not So Popular Truth: Raising An Intense Child And Losing Oneself In Parenting
    "I still have interests outside of parenting, they are just atrophied... like a leg in a cast they are under exercised and in stasis. Some days I feel I have lost myself, like I am treading water. I said that having children defined me, and it did and does. It has changed who I am and made me mother, not just wife and not just Schai. But some days it feels like 90% mother, 8% wife and 2% Schai."

  • Shall I Be Childfree?

  • The Shame of Not Wanting Children

  • The Shrinking Earth

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  • Turtle's Childfree Essays

  • US Bureau of Census: Childfree Statistics

  • Birth Control

  • Ann Rose's Ultimate Birth Control Links

  • Childfree Men Talk About Vasectomy

  • ChildfreeByChoice.com: Interesting Videos
    Watch online videos about various forms of birth control and more.

  • Deciding About Tubal Sterilization

  • Emergency Contraception

  • Engender Health: Permanent Contraception

  • Essure: Permanent Birth Control

  • Go Forth and Multiply: Abortion in Films

  • Her Own Woman

  • How to Stay Childfree

  • Menstrual Suppression With Birth Control Pills

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  • Planned Parenthood

  • Planned Parenthood-Comparison of Birth Control Effectiveness

  • Salon: 20 Ejaculations, No Babies!

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  • Tubal Ligation Procedures Denied To Young Women Who Don’t Want Children

  • Use of Non-cyclic Birth Control Pills

  • Vasectomy.com

  • Vasectomy Information

  • Palm OS PDA Menstruation/ Ovulation Trackers: pPatrol, Woman Calendar, La Femme, and My Cycle.

  • Childfree Friendly Dining

  • Happily Childfree's List of CF Friendly Restaurants

  • Justinlees Inn
    Esbank Toll, Dalkeith
    Midlothian, Scotland

    No children after 10pm.

  • Mode's Bum Steer
    125 E State St.
    Traverse City, MI

    Restaurant has a sign that says "No kids under 8 years of age after 5pm".

  • Ta Tu Bar and Restaurant
    Belfast Northern Ireland

    No children after 7pm.

  • Well Sports Tavern & Grill
    Coon Rapids, MN

    No children after 9pm.

  • Childfree Travel

  • About.Com: Childfree Getaways

  • Adults Only Caravan Park UK

  • Aunt Bea's Bed and Breakfast Regina, Saskatchewan

  • Caprice Bed and Breakfast Sunshine Coast, BC

  • Caprice Heights Bed and Breakfast Salt Spring Island, BC

  • Cherry Lodge - Bed and Breakfast Ontario, Canada

  • Childfree Travel.Net

  • ClubMed

  • Cedar Springs Bed and Breakfast Canmore, Alberta

  • Desert Gem Bed and Breakfast Ashcroft, B.C

  • Elliot House - Bed and Breakfast Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

  • Glencairn Cottage Bed and Breakfast Glencairn, Ontario

  • The House on McGill Bed and Breakfast Toronto, Canada

  • Idyllwood West - Bed and Breakfast Oyama, B.C.

  • Le Couvent Roujan, France

  • Little Moose Mountain Bed and Breakfast Alberta, Canada

  • Lookout Bed and Breakfast Gibsons, BC.

  • Marina House Bed and Breakfast Gibsons, BC.

  • Matamanoa Island Resort Matamanoa Island, Fiji

    No children under 12

  • NightSkies Victoria Bed & Breakfast Victoria, BC

  • On the Bay Bed and Breakfast Ontario, Canada

  • 100 Mile Lodge Bed and Breakfast 100 Mile House, BC

  • The Otter's Raft - Bed and Breakfast Pender Harbour, BC

  • Pacific Shores Bed and Breakfast BC, Canada.

  • Renaissance Cruises

  • SeaGarden Bed and Breakfast Gibsons, BC.

  • Simple Escapes Bed and Breakfast Halfmoon Bay, BC

  • Sybaris

  • Tarry-a-While Bed and Breakfast Banff, Alberta
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  • Childfree Holidays & Events

    Have a Childfree Holiday!

  • Moggy Mania: Happy (Not Mother's) Day

  • Old Spice With a Vengeance: On Not Celebrating Father's Day

  • Planning a Childfree Wedding

  • Some Celebrate Holiday Traditions With Singular Style

  • Suite 101: Childfree Holidays

  • World Childfree Day!
    The first Sunday in June!


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