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"The world might, perhaps, be considerably poorer if the great writers had exchanged their books for children of flesh and blood."

--Virginia Woolf

The Long List of
Childfree (and Childless)
in History: Part 1

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  1. Herbert Samuel Adams

  2. Scott Adams
    Cartoonist, Dilbert

  3. Charles Addams
    Cartoonist, The New Yorker

  4. Nancy Addison
    Soap Opera Actress

  5. Louisa May Alcott
    Author of Little Women

  6. Cynthia May Westover Alden
    Author, Philanthropist

  7. Grover Cleveland Alexander
    Baseball Player

  8. Suzy Allegra

  9. Marty Allen

  10. John Murray Anderson
    Musical Theatre Producer

  11. Laurie Anderson
    Performance Artist

  12. Marian Anderson
    Concert Singer

  13. Louis Andriessen

    "Andriessen lives with his wife Jeanette Yanikian, a guitar player whom he met while studying in the Hague 40 years ago, in a vast fourth floor apartment in Amsterdam by the Keizersgracht, looking out over the canals. Having decided not to have children they are devoted to their two cats and to work..."

  14. Susan B. Anthony
    Womans' Suffragist

  15. Samuel Appleton
    Politician/ Philanthropist

    "When he reached the age of sixty, Appleton retired from business with the avowed purpose of spending his income upon philanthropies. He became a benefactor and trustee of the Massachusetts General Hospital; he gave to the Boston Female Asylum, New Ipswich Academy, and Dartmouth College; he was a patron of the Boston Athen'um and the Massachusetts Historical Society. Besides providing for his widow, her nieces, and her sister, for the descendants of his four brothers and two sisters, for his servants, and for his friend, Rev. Ephraim Peabody, his will allotted industrial stocks worth about $200,000--nearly a fifth of his fortune--to scientific, literary, religious, and philanthropic endeavors. Knowing his wishes, his executors distributed most of these stocks among the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston Athen'um, Sailors' Snug Harbor, Massachusetts General Hospital, New Ipswich Academy, and Amherst, Dartmouth, and Harvard Colleges. With its share, Harvard built Appleton Chapel in honor of the benefactor."

  16. Louis Armstrong

  17. Boris Artzybasheff

  18. Dorothy Arzner
    Film Director

  19. Dr. Robert C. Atkins
    Diet Doctor, Author, Creator of the Atkins Diet

  20. V.C. Andrews

  21. Jane Austen
    Author of Sense and Sensibility

  22. Max Baer Jr.
    Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies

  23. Francis Bacon
    Politician, Philosopher, Scientist

  24. Florence Bailey
    Author, Naturalist, Ornithologist

  25. Tallulah Bankhead

  26. Abdullah al-Baradouni
    Yemeni Poet

  27. Bob Barker
    Former Game Show Host: The Price is Right/ Philanthropist

  28. Joe Barr
    Canadian Politician

  29. Lynda Barry

  30. Kathy Bates

  31. Jaya Battacharya

    "I lead a hectic life, with too much to do and too little time. I feel I simply would not be able to give my child the kind of time that I would like to. And I don’t want to be pressured into having a kid just because it’s the done thing.”

  32. King Baudouin
    King of Belgium

  33. Samuel Beckett
    Author, Playwright, Poet

  34. Ludwig Van Beethoven

  35. Joe Besser
    Actor, Replaced Shemp Howard as the Third Stooge

  36. Isabella Bird

  37. Jacqueline Bisset

  38. Lewis Black

  39. Eubie Blake
    Musician/ Composer

    "Eubie Blake died five days after his 100th birthday...."

  40. William Blake

    "At 25 Blake married Catherine Boucher. He taught her to read and write and to help him in his work. They had no children. They worked together to produce an edition of Blake's poems and drawings, called Songs of Innocence. Blake engraved both words and pictures on copper printing plates. Catherine made the printing impressions, hand-colored the pictures, and bound the books."

  41. Brenda Blethyn

  42. Marc Blitzstein
    Composer, Dramatist

  43. Baroness Karen Blixen
    Author, "Out of Africa"

  44. Rosa Bonheur
    French Painter and Sculptor

  45. Pierre Bonnard

  46. William Edgar Borah

  47. Lara Flynn Boyle

  48. Nathaniel Branden
    Author/ Psychologist
    (Has Step-Grandchildren From His Last Marriage)

    "I cannot regret not having children of my own because I am so work-focused; I always knew that it would be a major achievement to integrate and do right by my career and my marriage, and that children would spread me too thin and I did not want to be the father who wasn't there."

  49. Georges Brassens

  50. Joe Bob Briggs / aka John Bloom
    Author, Movie Critic

  51. Raymond Briggs
    Children's Book Author

  52. Poppy Z. Brite

  53. Anne Bronte

  54. Louise Brooks

  55. Helen Gurley Brown
    Feminist, Editor

    "My sister, Mary, had polio and was in a wheelchair all her life," Brown says. "I know what it is to care for somebody. I didn't want the responsibility for any other little creatures. I have never regretted that decision."

  56. Reno Browne
    Actress, Equestrian

  57. Delta Burke

  58. James Buchanan
    15th U.S. President

  59. Pat Buchanan
    Politician/ Presidential Candidate

  60. Sandra Bullock

  61. James Burke
    Creator of the PBS Series "Connections"/ Scientific American columnist

  62. Raymond Burr

  63. Caryl Lee Burroughs
    Hollywood Animal Trainer

  64. Leo Buscaglia

    "I think we have to make choices in life, and the choice for me was to embrace all person-kind rather than concentrate on one single individual...the universal is what I've selected."

  65. Brett Butler
    Actress, Comedian

    "I knew there was some place inside myself that I was running like hell to avoid, and drugs and drink helped me keep running. I dislike talking about feeling pain in my childhood, but I think that’s why I never had children. I just wouldn’t want to give birth to anything that could hurt that much, and then wait to see someone I loved so much have to wait so long to find the key to healing."

  66. Maria Callas
    Opera Singer

  67. Julia Cameron

  68. Phyllis Carlyle
    Film Producer, Se7en, The Accidental Tourist

  69. Dora Carrington
    Bloomsbury Artist

  70. Laura Carroll
    Author, Families of Two

  71. Mary Casatt

  72. Roger Casement
    Irish Patriot

  73. Nina Cassian

  74. Barbara Castle
    British Politician

  75. Kim Catrall

  76. Mary Chapin Carpenter
    Singer / Songwriter

  77. Rosamond Halsey Carr
    Founder of Rwanda's Imbabazi Orphanage, Author, Fashion Designer

  78. Richard Chamberlain
    Actor, Star of Shogun

    "...the idea of being married, etcetera and having kids, never appealed to me at all. Not at all."

  79. Coco Chanel
    Fashion Designer, Dancer, Spy

  80. Stockard Channing
    Actress, Star of Smoke

  81. Judy Chicago

    "You don't have to experience something to show it (in art), and you'd lose a lot if you did. Crucifixions, for instance."

  82. Margaret Cho

    "I do not want children. When I see children, I feel nothing. I have no maternal instinct. I am barren. I ovulate sand...I look at children and feel no pull toward them, no desire whatsoever. Actually, my fiance‚ and I have seen some very interesting personal ads of 50-year-olds that like to wear diapers. So we're thinking of adopting one of these guys. A baby by choice."

  83. Julia Child
    Professional Chef, Cookbook Author

  84. Helen Clark
    New Zealand Prime Minister

    "I actually have great faith in the common sense of Kiwis and I think these days most people are going to say 'For God's sake, people are entitled to choice about their life, Helen's made her choice, that's fine with us'. "So what are they getting at? Am I supposed to not be a real woman because I haven't had children? It's all bizarre and I don't think most people relate to it."

  85. Patricia Clarkson
    Actress, Far From Heaven

  86. Dorothy Clewes
    Childrens' Book Author

  87. George Clooney
    Actor, Star of Ocean's Eleven

    "Where is it written that you have to have kids? You can easily borrow other people's and give them back later."

  88. Imogene Coca

    "A lover of pets, she formed the Imogene Coca Charitable Foundation, which donates proceeds to the Humane Society and human and civil rights groups."

  89. Claudette Colbert

  90. Billy Collins
    U.S. Poet Laureate

  91. C. Collodi
    Author of Pinocchio

  92. William Conrad

  93. Frances Conroy

  94. Storm Constantine
    Fantasy Writer

    "I don't like dogs very much, but I do like individual dogs. There are certain dogs I meet and I think 'Yeah, you're okay, I get on with you.'. It's the same with children for me. There are some children I'm very fond of, children of friends, I love them, but I don't like them as a whole and I certainly wouldn't want any of my own. But I'm a very good auntie and best friend."

  95. Jill Ker Conway
    Author, first woman President of Smith College

  96. Anne Cool
    Canadian Senator

  97. Pat Coombs

  98. Copernicus

  99. John Corbett

    “I’m 41-years-old, I’m single, I own my own house, I don’t have any kids. I can make decisions other people might not have the freedom to make.”

  100. Joseph Cornell
    Artist and Creator of the Cornell Box

  101. Ann Coulter Political Commentator

  102. Simon Cowell

    "I don't want children; I'd like a puppy. My brother's having a baby so I'll be an uncle - that will do me."

  103. Alec Sadler Craig
    Australian Politician / Philanthropist

    "Although Alec Sadler Craig and his wife Grace were active in Bendigo civic life from the 1950s until the late 1970s, having served as mayor and mayoress three times, they left their biggest contribution to the city until last. Yesterday the Bendigo Art Gallery announced that it was the beneficiary of a $2.7 million bequest from Mrs Craig, who died in March last year, four years after her husband. The couple, who lived into their 80s, had no children. Their bequest will give the gallery about $130,000 a year, which, according to the terms of the trust fund, must be used to buy paintings and drawings of "considerable merit".

  104. Quentin Crisp
    Author / Actor

  105. Tim Curry

  106. Charlotte Curtis
    First woman on the masthead of The New York Times

  107. Patrika Darbo

  108. Simone de Beauvoir
    Author of The Second Sex

    De Beauvoir dismissed motherhood as, "...'a strange mixture of narcissism, altruism, idle daydreaming, sincerity, bad faith, devotion and cynicism."

  109. Mahmoud Darwish
    Palestinian Poet

    "The centre of my life is my poetry. What helps my poetry I do; what damages it I avoid."

  110. Leonardo Da Vinci

  111. Gray Davis
    Governor of California

    "The couple, who have no children, enjoy playing golf and renting movies in their free time."

  112. Kristin Davis

  113. Ellen Degeneres

    "Listen, I love kids. But i also like being able to do whatever I want when I want."

  114. Bessie and Sadie Delaney
    Authors, "Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years"

  115. Jeffery Deaver

  116. Eugene Victor Debs

  117. Dana Delany

    "I think it's pretty evident that my parent's divorce had a profound effect on me. Between that and growing up in the 70's, marriage has never been that important to me. But love is."

  118. Don DeLillo
    Author, White Noise

  119. Del Rubio Triplets
    1950's Musical Group

    "They [husbands] want a home and children and so forth," Elena Del Rubio once said, "and we really don't want that. We want our music really to come first, until we feel we've had enough."

  120. Bo Derek
    Actress, Star of 10

    "I thought I really didn't necessarily have that drive and that desire to have a child that I think you should have. I wasn't ready to make the commitment."

  121. Rene Descartes

  122. Loretta Devine

  123. Portia De Rossi

    "As for reports the new couple (Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi) are planning for a baby, a source says, "Portia has said many times she does not want to have a baby. She's only interested in her career right now and doesn't really even want kids in the long run. Francesca wanted a baby badly, and that was a huge issue for them."

  124. Emily Dickinson

  125. Benjamin Disraeli
    Politician, Author

  126. Steve Ditko
    Cartoonist/ co-creator with Writer Stan Lee, of the Spider-Man Comics

  127. Dorothea Dix
    Educator, writer, philanthropist

  128. Hannah Dobryn
    Author of the Katy Green Mysteries

  129. Tamara Dobson
    Actress: Cleopatra Jones Movies / Guinness Book of World Records-Tallest Leading Lady in Film

  130. Elizabeth Dole
    Reagan's Secretary of Transportation

  131. Richard Donner
    Film Director

    "I was lucky because I never had kids. I never wanted kids. I wanted dogs."

  132. Lizzie Douglas
    Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter

  133. Marjory Stoneman Douglas

  134. Maureen Dowd

  135. Sir George Downing
    Founder of Downing College/ Cambridge, England

  136. Gabriel Dumont
    Native American Tribal Leader

  137. Francis Drake

  138. Fran Dresher

  139. Esther Dyson
    Author, Internet Expert

  140. Amelia Earhart

  141. Deborah Eisenberg

    "I don't have children, I don't understand them, I don't remember my childhood..."

  142. Liubov Egorova

  143. Anita Ekberg

  144. T.S. Eliot

  145. Havelock Ellis
    Psychologist, Author

  146. Harlan Ellison

  147. Elizabeth I
    Queen of England

  148. Joan Elm
    Canadian Politician/ Commiunity Activist

  149. Bonnie Erbe
    PBS Commentator and Columnist

    "My husband and I affirmatively chose not to have children, so we could devote ourselves to our beloved work, extensive worldwide travel, our favorite pastimes, friends and family. We have a lifestyle most of our married-with-children friends can only dream about. And it's one we could only have dreamed about, too, if we had had children."

  150. (Dame) Edith Evans
    British Film and Stage Actress, Star of A Passage to India

  151. Linda Evans
    Actress, Star of Dallas

  152. Rupert Everett

  153. Anne Ewers
    CEO of the Utah Symphony & Opera

    "I really don't regret it. There would be no time to raise children properly. It would be a disservice to them," says Ewers, 50. "Besides, I get so much fulfillment from what I'm doing now."

  154. Chow Yun-Fat

    "It was never a question for us because my wife has her hands full taking care of me. Look at my life. I'm always on the go. If it isn't the United States, it's Canada. When a movie gets released, we have to go all over the place to promote it. When would we find time to have kids. Raising children under these conditions, no matter how well they were treated, would be unfair to them. My biggest worry is that I would have no time for them. I've still got a long way to go in Hollywood so I'll be even more busy later on. Besides it's not in her nature or my nature. We have to focus all our energy into one direction. If we had kids, we wouldn't know what to take care of first, the kids or the career! So, we decided not to have children."

  155. Barbara Feldon
    Actress, Agent 99 on the TV Series, Get Smart

    "She clearly likes candles in silver holders, and books, lots of books, the kind that look as if they've been avidly read. (Edith Wharton seems to be a particular favorite.) During her talk Feldon cited the example of Thoreau, quoted Montaigne and recited a poem by Apollinaire, leaving her guests slightly stunned. To meet Feldon in person is to wonder why you ever thought Agent 99 with her doltish spouse and two squalling infants was cool; the real thing's so much more awesome."

  156. Pamelyn Ferdin

  157. Ralph Fiennes
    Actor, Star of The English Patient

    "Children? Ewww!"

  158. Lynn Fontanne

  159. Margot Fonteyn
    British Ballerina

  160. Juliana Rieser Force
    Whitney Museum Director

  161. Richard Ford
    Author of The Sportswriter/ Editor of Granta

  162. Margaretta Forten

  163. Dian Fossey

  164. Janet Frame

  165. Felix Frankfurter
    Supreme Court Justice

  166. Tanya Franks

    "The most challenging storyline thing for me at the moment is the surrogacy story. I personally don't want children but my character really does, so surrogacy as an issue is not really something I can relate to."

  167. William Frawley
    Actor, Star of I Love Lucy

  168. Frank Frazetta

  169. Stephen Frears
    Film Director

  170. Alice Freeman
    First woman to be president of a liberal arts college, (Wellesley)/ Helped establish the University of Chicago.

  171. Elsie Freund
    Artist, Jewelry Designer

  172. Louis Freund

  173. Robert Fripp
    Composer/ Musician

  174. Eva Gabor

  175. Magda Gabor

  176. Maxwell Gage
    Noted New Zealand Geologist

  177. Diamanda Galas

  178. Tess Gallagher

    "Children? I think there was a period where I might have had some regrets. Feeling that the war had cheated me out of having children, because I didn’t feel it was a time to be having them. That there was something morally wrong with me being unwilling to have them because they were being destroyed in that country called Vietnam. It was very present to me and painfully clear from photographs and film coverage at the time that we were bombing the children of another country and I really couldn’t conscience being able to carry a child of my own, knowing this, that I was a part of why this was happening, and that my own husband was over there, asked to perform this cruel act by our government. He was a pilot. And he was a considered and wonderful person--but throughout the war and afterwards, we both carried such a deep sadness about the whole thing--it was very difficult to go forward. It was such a brutal thing in our young lives."

  179. Paul William Gallico

  180. Janeane Garafalo
    Actress, Comedian

    "I thought that I did. Now I realize that I don't. People think that you are a nasty, selfish person if you don't want to have children."

  181. Greta Garbo

  182. Ava Gardner

  183. Greer Garson

  184. Gloria Gaynor

    Gaynor works with numerous charities, including The United Cerebral Palsy Organization, the Rita Hayworth Gala for Alzheimer's, Revlon's Annual Walk For Life, and The Michael Bolton Foundation.

  185. Anthony Geary
    Soap Opera Actor

    "Those of us who don't have children, we either have to live without a legacy, or find something else. I'm really much more interested in living than I am in leaving anything behind."

  186. William Schwenck Gilbert
    Composer for Gilbert & Sullivan

  187. Althea Gibson
    Tennis Pioneer who broke the color line on the Grand Slam tennis circuit and won consecutive women's singles titles at Wimbledon and at the U.S. national championships,

  188. Dorothy Gish

  189. Lillian Gish

  190. Katharine Bruce Glasier

  191. Susan Glaspell

  192. Sharon Gless

  193. Crispin Glover

  194. Christoph Willibald Gluck

  195. Paulette Goddard

    At her death at 79 in 1990, since Paulette Goddard did not have any immediate family (she was an only child), she left $20 million dollars to NYU.

  196. Robert Hutchings Goddard

  197. Kurt Godel

  198. Alexander Godunov
    Actor/ Dancer

  199. Stephen Goldin

    "...our books are our children. They make no demands on us, don't eat, wear clothes, or have problems with members of the opposite sex. They also leave home very early and begin supporting us, which children seldom do."

  200. Jeff Goldblum
    Actor, Star of Jurassic Park

  201. Emma Goldman
    Activist, Feminist

    "The woman, instead of being the household queen, told about in story books, is the servant, the mistress, and the slave of both husband and children. She loses her own individuality entirely, even her name she is not allowed to keep. She is the mistress of John Brown or the mistress of Tom Jones; she is that and nothing else. That is the way I think of her."

  202. Valeria Golino

  203. Jan Goodwin
    Author, Travel Writer

  204. Edward Gorey

  205. Lotte Goslar

  206. Martha Graham

  207. Hugh Grant
    Actor, Star of About a Boy

    “I have so many friends who live in small houses in south London with all these babies underfoot and it’s just not attractive. I’m selfish and I can’t bear mess and ugliness and those things come hand-in- hand with children."

  208. Cecil Green
    Former CEO of Texas Instruments, Philanthropist

    “Cecil and Ida Green were two of the most extraordinary philanthropists in the world. They created facilities and endowed programs in education, science, medicine, social services and the arts at universities and medical centers throughout this country, England, Canada and Chile. Their contributions to MIT were vitally important in many fields. They were especially supportive of women graduate students and faculty.”

  209. Johnny Green

    His young bride Carol (to whom he dedicated "Out of Nowhere") encouraged him to leave Wall Street and cultivate his many musical talents. She remarked, "We didn't have children, we had songs"

  210. Gael Greene
    Food Critic, Author

  211. (Baroness) Susan Greenfield
    Director of the Royal Institution/ Professor of Synaptic Pharmacology at Oxford University, Neurologist

    "You don’t wake up and say: “Right, today I’ve decided I’ll never have children.” Obviously it doesn’t work like that. What happens, I suppose, is sometimes people actively want children, and I know some women get extremely broody. That never happened to me, partly because I have this horrible brother who’s 13 years younger than me."

  212. John Robert Gregg
    Inventor of the Gregg Shorthand Method/ Publisher

  213. Joyce Grenfell
    British Actress

  214. Nanci Griffith
    Singer / Songwriter

  215. Martha Griffiths
    First Female Michigan Lieutenant Governor.

  216. Terry Gross
    NPR Host, Fresh Air

    "I always felt like I couldn't imagine doing the show and having children. I think people who have children and have complicated jobs are amazing. I don't know how they do it."

  217. James Grout

  218. Mabel Dole Haden
    Former President of NABWA

  219. Catherine Hakim
    British Sociologist

    Although she says she wrote six books in 10 years precisely because her energies were not diverted by childrearing, she is sympathetic to parents.

  220. Daryl Hall
    Singer, Musician

  221. Celia Hammond
    Former Model and PBS Reality Show Regency House Star, Owner of 100 Cats

    "People say to me that obviously you've become what you are because you've never had children. But that's not fair at all. All sorts of people have an emotional attachment to their animals, not just childless people. Some people think I'm mad or that the cats are a child substitute, but is there anything so wrong with getting emotional feedback from an animal?"

  222. Lionel Hampton

    "Hampton used part of his fortune to build affordable housing in Harlem and to encourage musical studies at a jazz festival that bears his name in Moscow, Idaho. He made his last public appearance at the festival, this year."

  223. Georg Friedrich Handel

  224. Howard Harold Hanson
    Pulitzer-Prize Winning Composer

    "The Hansons had no children and enjoyed spending vacations on Bold Island (off the Maine coast), which they owned."

  225. Setsuko Hara
    Japanese Actress

  226. Warren Gamaliel Harding
    29th U.S. President

  227. E Chambré Hardman

  228. Debbie Harry
    Singer, Blondie

  229. Alex Heard

  230. Susan Helms

  231. Adrian Henri
    Poet/ Painter

  232. Marguerite Henry
    Children's Book Author

    ""Henry's husband, Sidney Crocker Henry, died in 1987. They had been happily married for 64 years. They had no children, but shared numerous pets like a pony, a horse, a burro, three fox pups, a dachshund, and a mom cat who never stopped having kittens."

  233. Katherine Hepburn
    Actress, Star of The Lion in Winter

  234. Milton S. Hershey
    Founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company

    "Sometime before 1909, Milton and Kitty realized their money was accumulating faster than they could spend it. Kitty suggested that they provide a home for boys who were unfortunate. Milton seized on the idea eagerly. Childhood security and good schooling he could never recover for himself, but this was an opportunity to secure them for other boys. On November 15, 1909, Milton and Catherine signed the document that deeded 486 acres of farm land to Hershey Trust Company as trustee “with the purpose of founding and endowing in perpetuity an institution to be known as Hershey Industrial School (later renamed Milton Hershey School) to be located in Derry Township for the benefit of orphan boys.” On November 13, 1918, Milton Hershey gifted Hershey Chocolate Company stock (valued at $60 million) to the trust. In addition to the Milton Hershey School Trust, Mr. Hershey also established two other trusts - one for the benefit of the Derry Township School District (a public school system) and another to the M.S. Hershey Foundation."
    --The Hershey Heritage

  235. Lorena Hickok
    AP Political Reporter

  236. Taiko Hirabayashi

  237. Nicole Hollander

  238. Thelma Holt
    Actress, Theatre Producer

  239. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

    "Though he and his wife Fanny had no children, he acted as mentor to many young intellectuals, liberals and progressives such as economist Richard Ely, political theorist Harold Laski, philosopher Morris Cohen, and lawyers Felix Frankfurter and Learned Hand."

  240. Grace Murray Hopper

    Often referred to as the "mother of the computer'. Hopper was arguably the world's most famous programmer and the most influential woman in the history of computing. She also was a Rear Admiral in the Navy.

  241. Soad Hosni
    Egyptian Actress

  242. Lila Kedrova Howard

  243. Mick Hucknall

  244. Bonnie Hunt

  245. Kristin Hunter
    Childrens' Author

    "It has often seemed to me that I have hundreds of children--thousands, if I count the young readers of my books, especially The Soul Brothers and Sister Lou, who have formed intense personal bonds with my characters, and then with me through their letters. This responsive audience, the fans and the critics alike, is one of the greatest rewards I have gained from writing for children."

  246. Lauren Hutton
    Actress / Model

  247. Patricia Ireland
    President of the National Organization for Women/ NOW

    "I think you have to make choices. And my mother really made us the center of her life. I always felt that if I was going to have kids, I would want to do it right, to take three or four years off from my career. And that was something I wasn't ready to do."

  248. George J. Irbe
    Creator of the Great Lakes water temperature climatology

    "We decided not to have children. I particularly doubted my abilities to be a good father...We don't regret our decision, seeing how much effort it takes to make a child fly straight nowadays."

  249. John A. "Jack" Jackson
    Philanthropist/ Oilman

    "Jackson and his wife made a joint decision to leave their entire estate, conservatively valued at more than $150 million, to the University of Texas, Austin."

  250. Tove Jansson
    Childrens' Book Author

  251. Randall Jarrell

  252. Joan of Arc
    Christian Saint

  253. Elton John

    "We are not going to adopt a child."

  254. Jack Johnson
    First African American to win the heavyweight boxing championship of the world.

  255. Margaret Johnston

  256. Martin and Osa Johnson
    Authors, Photographers, explorers, and naturalists. Best remembered for their numerous movies and books about the wildlife and people of Africa, Borneo, and the South Seas.

  257. Richard Mentor Johnson
    U.S. Vice-president in Early 1800s

  258. Samuel Johnson
    Author, Editor

  259. William Hugh Johnston
    Labor Leader

  260. Carolyn Jones
    Actress, Morticia from the Addams Family

  261. Renee Jones
    Soap Actress: Days of Our Lives

  262. Spike Jonze
    Film Director

  263. Madeline Kahn
    Actress, Star of Blazing Saddles

  264. Immanuel Kant

  265. Julie Kavner

  266. Nikos Kazantzakis

  267. Odette Keene

  268. Helen Keller

  269. Joyce Kennard

  270. Joe Kernan

  271. Maynard Keynes
    Bloomsbury Economist. Also founded the Vic-Wells Ballet and financed the establishment of the Arts Theatre in Cambridge, England

  272. King Louis XVI
    King of France

  273. William Lyon MacKenzie King
    Former Canadian Prime Minister

  274. William Rufus King
    U.S. Vice-President in the early 1800s

  275. Robert Kiyosaki

  276. Caroline Knapp

  277. Aleksandra Kollontai

  278. Dean Koontz

  279. Tadeusz Kosciuszko
    Polish Patriot

  280. Jerzy Kosinski

    "As I have no children, no family, no relatives, no business or estate to speak of, my books are my only spiritual accomplishment, my life's most private frame of reference, and I would gladly pay all I earn to make it my best."

  281. Jonathan Kozol
    Author, Activist

    "This hasn't been any kind of a sacrifice."

  282. Lee Krasner
    Artist, Wife of Jackson Pollock

  283. Albert Kroc
    Co-Developer of McDonald's Fast Food Chain

    "He celebrated his seventieth birthday by giving more than $7 million to such Chicago institutions as Children's Memorial Hospital, the Lincoln Park Zoo, and the Harvard Congregational Church in Oak Park, which he had attended as a child...In 1976 Kroc established the Kroc Foundation in Santa Ynez to support research in diabetes, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis."

  284. Henry Richardson Labouisse
    Diplomat/ Former Head of Unicef

  285. Princess Lakshmi
    Indian Princess

  286. Elsa Lanchester

    "I held a baby once. It felt like a bag of hot snakes."

  287. Philip Larkin
    Author, Poet

    "Man hands on misery to man. It deepens like a coastal shelf. Get out as early as you can, and don't have any kids yourself."

  288. Charles Laughton
    Actor, Director

  289. Dan Lauria

  290. Frank John Lausche

  291. Linda Lavin

  292. Tom Lehrer
    Singer/ Musician

    "Tom still happily splits his time between Massachusetts and California, spending summer and fall in the former and winter and spring in the latter. He is very content in doing what he does, which is teaching half the year and goofing off the other half."

  293. Jay Leno
    TV Host

  294. Richard Lewis

  295. Lyn Lifshin

    "I think my decision to not have children came from seeing my mother, who was a vibrant woman, fun loving, a free spirit. She went to college and then lived in New York City. She went to lectures, danced all night, enjoyed life. She wanted to marry someone other than my father. She did what was expected, rather than what she wanted to do...Because of my mother's history, I decided I wanted to follow my own desires, and that did not include children."

  296. Queen Liliuokalani
    Queen of Hawaii

  297. Laura Linney

  298. Sian Lloyd
    Weather Broadcaster

    "My mother was a militant, independent woman. "She raised me to believe that marriage and children were not everything for women. I've never wanted children. I was not brought up to aspire to that. I work hard and see my friends and walk a lot in Wales, so I don't feel a gaping hole in my life."

  299. Carole Lombard

  300. Jack Lord
    Actor, Hawaii Five-O

  301. Pauline Lord

  302. Patty Loveless

  303. Alfred Lunt

  304. John Lyon
    Philanthropist, Regarded as the Founder Of The Great Public School Of Harrow

    "In 1572 he obtained a royal charter from Elizabeth I for the pre-Reformation school at Harrow, which he supported with endowments to guarantee its continuation. In 1590 he drew up statutes and a course of Classical education for the school."

  305. Rose McClendon

  306. Robert McCormick
    Former Owner of the Chicago Tribune

  307. Mary Jackson McCrorey
    Politician, Activist

  308. Hattie McDaniel
    Actress, Star of Gone With the Wind

  309. Roddy McDowall
    Actor, Photographer

  310. Odd McIntyre
    Newspaper Columnist

  311. Ian McKellen
    Actor, Star of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

    "...having no one dependent on me has meant I've been able to pursue my career in the way I've wanted...I used to be rather relieved that kids weren't a possibility. Being a parent means keeping a tight rein on your selfishness. Though I don't suppose many parents do. Why isn't parenting taught? Why is it assumed that just because you can procreate you can be a good parent? Anyway, I'm too frail to be changing nappies."

  312. Kristy McNichol

  313. Janet McTeer

  314. Christine McVie
    Singer / Songwriter, Fleetwood Mac

  315. Dora Maar
    Photographer, Lover of Picasso

  316. René Magritte

    "The Magrittes had no children, but were devoted to their little Pomeranian dog, Loulou."

  317. Bill Maher
    Former Host of Politically Incorrect

    "When I was 28 years old and a girl said to me, 'Do you like children?' I'd go, 'Well, you know, not right now, but I think someday.' That was a complete lie. I never liked children. I never wanted children, and I was just saying that because I didn't want to lose the fish that was on the end of my hook."

    [More quotes from Bill Maher on children]

  318. Katherine Mansfield

  319. Shirley Manson

    “What I find incredibly funny is people who say, ‘Oh you must have children otherwise you’re being incredibly selfish.’ As if having children stops selfishness. I know hundreds of parents and they’re the most selfish people I have ever met. As wonderful as I think child-rearing is for some, it’s not for everybody."

  320. Francesca Marciano

  321. Miriam Margoyles

    "I never wanted children and I don't terribly like them. I don't wish them any harm but I don't want them around me. I was never domestic."

  322. Mary Ellen Mark
    Award-Winning Photographer

    "I didn't want to have them if I couldn't provide a great, nurturing home life. So I put all the energy of raising a child into my work." Not surprisingly, Mark has devoted much of her career to photographing children who have had bad breaks in life-the autistic, the blind, the poor, the cancer-ridden, and the drug-addicted.

  323. Steve Martin
    Comedian, Actor, Star of Housesitter

    "...you don't want one of those things."

  324. Vito Anthony Marcantonio

  325. Wink Martindale
    Game Show Host

  326. Bobbie Ann Mason
    Childrens' Book Author

    "She was such a wonderful mother and so maternal, and yet we saw her sacrifice and slaving and suffering and that didn't give me a good image of having children and neither did the culture in general."

  327. Mari Matsunaga
    Creator of i-mode, Named One of the Top 25 Tech Women of the Web

  328. Giuseppe Mazzini
    Italian Patriot

  329. Fradique de Menezes
    President of Sao Tome and Principe

  330. Melina Mercouri
    Greek Actress

  331. Freddie Mercury

  332. Angela Merkel
    German Chancellor

  333. George Michael

  334. Oscar Micheaux
    Film Director/ Producer, Authror

  335. Alyssa Milano

  336. Edna St. Vincent Millay

  337. Alley Mills

  338. Brenda Milner
    Renowned Professor of Neuro-Psychology: Mcgill's Faculty Of Medicine And At The Montreal Neurological Institute

    "I never wanted children," says the British-born academic. "I knew I wanted a career."

  339. Helen Mirren
    Actress, Star of Gosford Park

    "It's just that I never wanted children. I don't know why, I've never been shrunk so I've never gone into it. I was never drawn to babies. The only dolls I played with as a child were grown up dolls. I would have loved a Barbie if they'd been around when I was a little girl. And my skin still crawls when I see a little girl hauling around a big baby doll. You see this little five-year-olds with huge, great, monstrous, disgusting baby dolls. I want to go up and rip them out of their hands...."

  340. Margaret Mitchell

  341. Eugenio Montale
    Nobel Prize Winner, Poet, Author, Editor, Translator

  342. Vicki Moore
    Spanish Animal Rights Philanthropist

  343. Esai Morales
    Actor, Star of La Bamba

  344. John Morgan
    Founder of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, and Medical Director of the Continental Army

  345. Lady Morgan (Sydney Owenson)

  346. Morrissey

  347. Rob Morse
    Columnist/ San Francisco Chronicle

    "This year, I'm celebrating Non-Father's Day with a vengeance. I have no regrets about not having children, and I'm very happy not to be getting any Father's Day presents."

  348. Marjorie "Mo" Mowlam
    Britain's Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

  349. Diana Muldaur

  350. Ona Munson
    Actress, Gone With the Wind

  351. Haruki Murakami
    Author, Former Tokyo Jazz Club Owner

  352. Iris Murdoch

  353. Mikayil Mushfig

  354. Modest Mussorgsky

  355. Kanagarajah Muthiah
    Tamil Activist

  356. Mike Myers

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