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"Some people know early in life that they do not want children, with first-born and only children tending to be more ambitious and independent, and also having a higher rate of childlessness. Other people agonize over whether or not to have children. While the drive to reproduce is part of human instinct, there is also social pressure to procreate, with the childless seen as having empty, unfulfilling lives. On the contrary, the childfree lifestyle is anything but empty...The childfree often score higher than parents on measures of mental health. Couples without children also tend to have happier marriages, with marital satisfaction declining after a baby is born. Non-parents also have more leisure time and money to spend on themselves."

--ZPG Reporter / Choosing to be Childfree
May-Jun 1997

The Childfree Decision

Some little girls constantly play with baby dolls and Barbies. I was not one of them, prefering to read, build large and elaborate Lego buildings and structures, draw and make collages, love my cats, and play inside cardboard boxes. An only child, I have always preferred the company of adults and animals and I still stop to pet every cat or dog I see. I don't regret my freedom and happiness at all.

In the modern world, biology does not have to mean destiny, and femininity does not have to mean reproduction and self-negating sacrifice. Biological roles are just that, roles, and we are now free to define ourselves in our search for satisfaction, meaning, and identity. With so many abused and neglected children in the world, I have never wanted children, and I wholeheartedly approve of those who choose to adopt and care for children already on the planet or mentor others in need.

What Do We Do With
All That "Spare Time"?

  • Edit our other website (temporarily on hiatus), The Zuzu's Petals Literary Resource/ Zuzu's Petals Quarterly. Zuzu's Petals Quarterly was established in 1991, moved to the www in 1995, and has won many awards.

  • Read.

  • Write. (Find out more about my book of poetry, Sympathetic Magic).

  • Travel (several months in Europe (England, Hungary, France, Austria, Italy) , also trips to Canada, New Orleans, and the Washington D.C. Area). We're planning a cross country RV road trip in the future.

  • Create poetry videos, as well as hypertext fiction and poetry.

  • Create mixed media sculptures.

  • Watch art/ indie/ foreign films. (Thank you, Greencine!) We don't watch TV.

  • Help out on the Ithaca Freecycle List and at Atkins All the Way.Com.

  • In the past, I have done volunteer work at Animals in Need, a pet shelter in Allentown, PA as well as been an English as a Second Language tutor to Japanese students.

  • Enjoy keeping things organized. (I am an INTJ). I especially love using my palm PDA (with Brainforest and Smartlist to Go) to help keep me productive.

  • Spoil our English Cocker Spaniel (a former stray). She is an excellent companion but is definitely not a child substitute.



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